School News 5 December 2022

What a busy week! It was all about recognising the learners who excelled in the classroom and the
sports field.

The school had its Awards Day on Wednesday, 30 November 2022 at school.

The event was a great success with well over a hundred guests attending. Parents were kept entertained by songs and poetry recital from the little ones. The ighlights were the presentation of the awards. The
recipients were thrilled with their beautiful medals, trophies and certificates.

Thank you to all the Parents who came to acknowledge the learners. The Dux recipient was Thabisa
Zulu, who has a distinguished academic record at the school. Learners who attended the school from
Grade R to 7 also received certificates. It was a wonderful day for the learners.

The school also thanks the parents for all the support throughout the year and wishes everyone a
very happy holiday with family and loved ones. The school will open on 9 January 2023.

Photo: Thabisa Zulu and her father, Musa Mbhele proudly showing her certificates and awards.

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