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Providing a high standard of threshold education for the community


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Creating a safe and caring environment for our children

through mutual dignity and respect

Welcome to Hlanganani Preparatory School

The Community that we Serve

Hlanganani is a unique, semi-rural township school: a courageous school that wholeheartedly believes in playing its part in the transformation of South Africa, starting with the local community.

We heartily agree with the saying that ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. The spirit and principles of Ubuntu are prevalent throughout. ‘I am what I am because who we are.’ The presentation of the grounds, classrooms and general facilities installs a sense of pride and beauty in the community, transferred through the children into their home environments. We teach our learners good stewardship and encourage them to appreciate and care for what is provided for them.

What Makes us Unique?

As a private education institution, Hlanganani maintains a sense of humility, flowerbedand is in constant contact with surrounding Education Department schools, especially when it comes to the participation in sport activities. It is still an institution that shows that despite economic challenges, it can maintain and promote dignity and confidence. I believe that this life lesson will carry our country far. Hlanganani may be private, but it is not exclusive.

Teaching our isiZulu children through the medium of English is a commitment to empower them. A deficiency in academic English and the essential disciplines limits the progress through tertiary education.

Maintaining manageable size classes may be financially limiting, but smaller classes provide the opportunity for bridging the language barrier and developing communication skills and atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning.

Having small classes also allows us as teachers to be conscious of every child’s individual circumstances. Each child is treated in response to their personal strengths and difficulties. The value of every child is cherished, and we believe that every child has something valuable to offer.

Why HPS Joined ISASA


In 1994 HPS was registered with and subsidised the NED, registered as a Trust and and an NGO. Many changes were made in Education when the Ed Depts. were amalgamated and unified. SGBs became important role players in each school and new financial and policy documents issued frequently. One of the new requirements was that each school must become part of a wider body, and affiliation to a recognised association was necessary.

The members of the then Trust had all been educators or involved in the more affluent Private Schools and were enthusiastic supporters of ISASA. ISASA was thus the unanimous choice of the Trust and the SGB and application was made to become a member of the Association. The School did not fall within the usual ambit of ISASA, but a team visited and investigated and embraced the School.

ISASA gives its schools a voice and takes up the cudgels on their behalf, speaking with expertise and authority. Guidance is offered and definite standards are set, and seen to be met.

Being under the banner of ISASA has also given Hlanganani Preparatory the added status to advertise and rightfully claim that we are a school of Quality, Values and Diversity. It has also allowed the academic staff to interchange and pool ideas with other independent schools. I too have benefitted tremendously by the SAHISA conferences that I have attended. This has added to my insight of what is expected of me as a leader and the ‘how to’ implement these ideas in my everyday interaction with the staff and learners.

Number of Learners

Reasons to choose Hlanganani Preparatory School

  • Teaching through the medium of English
  • It is a bridging school, especially those learners who do not have English as a
    Home Language
  • IsiZulu is taught as the first Additional Language
  • Small, manageable classes
  • Well-equipped tuckshop
  • Set in lovely, surrounding gardens
  • Great sporting options: Volleyball, Netball, Soccer and Cricket


“I remember in 2007 when I lost my mom, doing Grade 6 at the time, my teacher used to bring me lunch at school. That really helped me a lot to forget about the tragedy of losing a parent. She played a big role in my life at that time. I don’t know where I would be as a person if I had not received that ‘Hlanganani touch.’ And for this I am forever grateful.”

We also had the Health Department in and the Circuit manager, Mr P.K. Appelraju with 4 representatives from the Department of Education inspecting the premises to see if we comply to all the protocol necessary to combat the COVID -19 virus in order to open our school. We passed with flying colours!
As an Independent school, we have gone far beyond is required of us and all the educators are back at school.
We welcome the Grade 7’s back on Monday, the 8th June. We will be platooning the Grade
7’s for the time being, i.e. running classes of 15 in each class.
Learners not able to attend school may pick up packs that have been prepared for Grade 7.
The following phasing in as given by the department: Grade R; Grades 3 and 6 on the 6th July and the grades 4 and 5 on the 3rd of August.

Please encourage everyone to keep washing their hands for at least 20 seconds and to keep the physical distances.
We would like each learner to have at least 3 masks. The school will supply one mask. No learner will be admitted without a mask.
Masks must be washed and ironed every day.
Temperatures will be taken every day and sanitisers are available in each class.
Reports from the 1st term are ready and will be handed out before the end of June.
The school calendar has been extended with only 5 days’ school days in lieu of the July holidays and 5 days in September. School will also continue to the 15 December to make up for the lost teaching time.
May I appeal to parents/Guardians to please keep up with the payment of school fees!