Spring is springing at Hlanganani and the children got into the spirit. It was cold, wet and it’s covid but for these children it comes with an attitude that uplifts and makes everything seems so much better.

Spring is the time for a change and this is what teachers and their classes did to celebrate the new season take a short break and do something different.

We at Hlanganani preparatory School hope spring renews your energy, we hope it brings you a new hope for the future and we wish it is filled with good things. Soak in the worm days, spend more time outside.


Winners for best representing the new season, each received a chocolate to sweeten up their day.

Grade 2: with their decorated cards and smiles that reach their eyes in spite of the masks.

Grade 4: with their stunning hats, very creative and colourful.

Grade 6: brought some colour into the grey day with colourful balloons.